Why Aluminum Cases?(1) Material: Aluminum

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

For motorcycle adventure aluminum cases, the first advantage is robust, this is thanks for the affordable material, which offering the required strength, that is aluminum. Now let us to know aluminum material in the view of technical analysis.

Do you know?  

Aluminum is the most used metal after steel.

Aluminum is the most commonly occurring metal in the Earth's crust. 

Aluminum is after oxygen and silicon the third most common chemical element on Earth.

The advantages of aluminum

* Aluminum is lightweight, yet extremely stable

The density of aluminium is approx. 2.6 to 2.8 g per cm³. That is approx. 1/3 the density of steel, which is why aluminium is also called “light metal”. In spite of its low weight, aluminium is extremely strong.

* Aluminum can be processed in a wide variety of ways

All standard processing methods(welding, forming, etc.) can be applied to aluminium, and in many cases their application is much easier than with other metals.

* Aluminum is impact-resistant and extremely strong

All standard processing methods(welding, forming, etc.) can be applied to aluminium, and in many cases their application is much easier than with other metals.

* Aluminum is corrosion-resistant and protects itself

When it comes into contact with oxygen from the air, the surface of aluminium oxidises, and this dense layer of oxide immediately reforms when damaged and protects the metal underneath against corrosion. Under conditions of particular stress, surface protection can be improved even further by means of anodisation.

This material properties contributes significantly to the long service life of products.

* Aluminum is insensitive to temperature fluctuations

Within the temperature range of -80 to +150 °C the material properties remain constant. Aluminium can even withstand extreme temperatures without its properties being compromised. In extreme cold aluminium becomes even tougher and its hardness increases.

* Aluminum is vapour-impermeable

Even when stored over very long periods of time, moisture will not diffuse through the metal. An aluminium container can be welded so as to be water-vapour-proof in order to protect the packaged product against moisture or splash water.

* Aluminum is resistant to UV radiation

Long periods of storage and exposure to UV radiation have no effect on this material.

* Aluminum is hygienic

Its smooth surface is easy to clean and odourless. Aluminum is therefore ideally suitable for use under sterile and germ-free conditions.

Surface refinement of aluminum

Powder-coated aluminium: In the course of coating aluminium workpieces one or more layers of powder-based paint are electrostatically applied to the base material. This coating provides protection against wear and corrosion, but it can also influence the anti-stick quality, sliding capability or thermal insulation of an aluminium workpiece.

Anodised aluminium: The refinement of aluminium has reached perfection in the electrolytic oxidation of aluminium. Virtually no other process provides better protection against abrasion or corrosion of aluminium. The result of anodisation is an extremely hard, scratch-resistant surface and thus reliable protection against corrosion. In contrast to pure aluminium, the electrolytically oxidised coating is electrically non-conductive.

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum compared with other materials

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