How To Choose A Good Aluminium Pannier?

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

The choice of aluminium panniers is really the very important thing you should consider need to do some research.What follows is a highly technical analysis. Followed is some tips and advice of things to look and ask for.

* Waterproof and dustproof property

For motorcycle adventure, the road and weather condition is complicated. To protect your luggage in the panniers, waterproof and dustproof property get more important. The first thing to check is how the lid connects to the body of the pannier.

* Choose the right size panniers for your motorbike

The size of the pannier you choose will usually depend on the size of your bike, and what your carrying requirements are. You should try to keep the total width of your bike to one metre or less, and the following is a good rule of thumb:

1. Single cylinder adventure bikes with twin exhaust (e.g.: Husqvarna Terra, BMW G650GS, KTM 690, Yamaha XT 660 Tenere) - 31 litre pannier on each side

2. Asymmetrical bikes, such as the Suzuki DR650 - 31 litre pannier on the exhaust side, 38 litre pannier on the non-exhaust side. This helps to keep the bike symmetrical and keeps the weight even.

3. Larger symmetrical bikes (e.g.: KTM 990/950 LC8) - 2x 38 litre panniers. 4. Large asymmetrical bikes (e.g.: BMW GS1200, BMW GS800, XT1200Z, Triumph Tiger 800, KTM 1190) - 38 litre pannier on the exhaust side, 45 litre pannier on the non-exhaust side.

Tip: Some glossary of aluminium panniers

Symmetrical pannier system: used in dual exhaust motorcycles – both panniers are the same size.

Asymmetrical pannier system: used in motorcycles with one exhaust – the pannier mounted on the side of the exhaust is narrower which allows to obtain symmetry on both sides.

PRO pannier system: used in motorcycles with one exhaust – one of the panniers has an exhaust cut. This allows to decrease the width of the motorbike by 8-10 cm.

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