Why Aluminum Cases? (2) Advantages

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

How to take the stuff along should be the firstly thing you should consider before your adventure touring. What type of luggage you need to carry your belongings in? The panniers made from aluminum have become the first choice of motorcycle adventure sector over the last few yeas. What are the advantages of aluminum panniers?

* Robust

The panniers are made from aluminum. Aluminium material advantage determind panniers robust feature. We have show the advantages of aluminum in details in the last whitepaper.

* Tight - dust and waterproof

Panniers are with wet edges (or other good sealing system) are watertight and remain watertight after use and abuse. Same feature of dust proof. This make aluminum panniers for all terrain.

* Safety

Aluninum panniers do offer a better level os security than triditional soft luggage.Lock system on the lid and to the frame, prevents them from being stolen or tampered with, which is a real consideration when travelling in some areas, and in countries where security is a concern.

* Compatible with accessories

Aluminum panniers can combine using with many accessories, such as additional canisters, bottles or first-aid kits are available, as are grips and loops, complete camping sets or high-quality textile bags and interior fittings.

And even the panniers are amazingly versatile in its use: as table, stepladder, mounting support - the spectrum of uses of the indestructible boxes is only really limited by the creativity of the use.

* Adventure look

People associate aluminum panniers with the idea of "adventure" for the first impression.

For the motorcyclist, generally, the biggest decision is soft luggage and hard aluminium panniers. In fact this topic is no right or wrong answers. Since there is no one-stop solution to all your requirements. All luggage has been designed with a specific purpose in mind, and the type of travel you are undertaking, and the conditions in which you’ll ride, will determine which you feel is right for you. Here we just list soft luggage and aluminum panniers comparision side by side as followed:

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