What to carry in your jacket when riding?

Here are some things carry in the jacket when riding:

  • Copy of license/insurance – in case you forget your wallet.

  • Toll money – coins as needed.

  • Tire gauge – to check my tires any time.

  • Tissues, lip chap, sun screen and whatever

  • Map(s) – for when lost.

  • Visor defogger spray/fluid – for hot wet weather.

  • Glove liners – Light inner gloves for cold weather or passengers.

  • Spare $ – as you never know.

Other just in case things I carry on the bike are:

  • Basic tools: pliers, Philips/slot screwdrivers, plug socket, crescent and spanners.

  • First aid: Band-aids and antiseptic.

  • Balaclava – just in case.

  • Wind-breaker – for passengers and just in case.

  • Bungee cords – for unexpected luggage.

  • Large black plastic bags – to put luggage in when it rains.

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