ADV CASES stainless steel side rack for the KAWASAKI Versys650 is a sturdy rack designed to take ADV cases. This is the perfect case system for extended touring. Made of 18 mm stainless steel tubing, this non-rusting system matches the appearance of the bike frame and guarantees extra high stability even off the beaten track.

Side Rack KAWASAKI Versys650

  • Fitted as closely as possible to the vehicle frame using existing attachment points. Just a few screws is all it takes for the very strong construction to be securely attached (or removed). The angle brackets remain unobtrusive on the motorbike.

    - made of 18 mm stainless steel tube
    - also suitable for tough off-road use
    - no restrictions to pillion
    - blends elegantly with the overall look of Versys 650
    - easy to fit and remove
    - compatible with ADV panniers